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Deism recognizes that God does exist, and there is only one God. Deism is the belief that God is revealed through reason and scientific inquiry, rather than supernatural or scriptural revelation.

Core Beliefs

As Thomas Paine defined Deism, insight into the divine was the "progressive knowledge that man would gain, by the aid of science, of the power and wisdom of God, manifested in the structure of the universe and in the works of the Creation". Deists believe in a non-interventional God, who may or not interact or Involve itself

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Types of Deism

Classical Deism

Modern Deism

Christian Deism -




Spiritual Deism


Proponents Throughout History

Prominent Deists include Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, Voltaire, John Toland, Rousseau and many other scientifically minded, yet theologically inclined people throughout history.

The Beginning of the World

Deists believe that God created the universe, but then ceased to be involved in its workings. The same is true regarding human affairs - God is not involved. Given this, people are not inherently sinful - but are created as blank slates. If a person ends up as "good", it is because of the work that they themselves have done.

Why This Religion is Needed

There is an ever-increasing body of knowledge, backed by archaeology and other sciences, that the god(s) of the Old Testament, and even the Vedic traditions, were Advanced Beings (ABs) - ancient astronauts, if you will - not the Creator of the Universe. This revelation undermines the very essence of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hindu religions. The people of planet Earth need to transition to a religion that is based on the Creator of the Universe, not other beings who just happen to be more advanced than homo sapiens sapiens.

Worship Methodology

Deists believe that it is not up to us to figure out what God wants. Therefore, we should not make assumptions about how God should be worshipped. For this reason, Deists oppose organized religion. There is no reason for religious teachings, dogma, or bureaucracy of the Church. God allows us to exercise our "reason" rather than rely solely on "faith". Instead, we should try to figure out how the world works and how people can best get along.

Places of Worship

Given the worship methodology identified above, it is easy to see why Thomas Paine stated "I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my church."

However, in order to help spread the reasons why this religion is needed and to exchange ideas on Deist thinking, three places are being developed where like minded people may aggregate on the internet:

1)  First Internet Church of Deism - within the web pages

([1]) and

2)  IF Forum (Implications for the Future Forum) at

3) The First Church of Deism at

Implications for our Future

A forum is being initiated at the web site to review and address changes needed by people on Earth. The Forum is split into discussions of homo sapiens sapiens Past, Present and Future. The Past reviews to scientific case for God of the Old Testament being an Advanced Being. The Present identifies what we should be changing now to adequately revise religion. The Future addresses both what preparations we need to position us to deal with Advanced Beings as they make themselves known to us without worshipping them, and what preparations we need as we move on to other planets and moons, in order to not represent ourselves as gods to other entities.


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