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December is the twelfth month of the Gregorian, Julian, and Revised Julian calendars. The month is named after the Latin word decem, which means "tenth," because it was the tenth month of the Old Roman Calendar. It has thirty-one days.

December is particularly noteworthy because it holds many religious festivals revolving around the winter solstice and the birth of Jesus.


  • 02 (19 Maghar) — Shaheedi Baba Gurbakhsh Singh Ji (Sikh).
  • 04 (21 November Julian) — Presentation of the Theotokos in the Temple (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian).
  • 06Saint Nicholas' Day (Western and New Calendarist Eastern Christian).
  • 07 — Saint Ambrose's Day (Western Christian).
  • 08 — Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Western Christian and New Calendarist Eastern Christian).
  • 12 (29 Maghar) — Parkash Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji (Sikh).
  • 13Saint Lucy's Day (Western Christian).
  • 13 (30 Maghar) — Shromani Akali Dal Foundation Day (Sikh).
  • 19 (6 December Julian) — Saint Nicholas' Day (Old Calendarist Eastern Christian).
  • 21 (8 Poh) — Shaheedi of the Elder Sahibzadas (Sikh).
  • 21Yule or Midwinter Festival (Pagan).
  • 25Christmas (Western Christian and New Calendarist Eastern Christian).
  • 26Saint Stephen's Day (Western Christian).
  • 26 (13 Poh) — Shaheedi of the Younger Sahibzadas (Singh).
  • 27 — Saint John the Evangelist's Day (Western Christian).
  • 28 — Childermas or Holy Innocents (Western Christian).
  • 31 (16 Dey) — Maidyarem Mid-Winter Festival (Fasli Zoroastrian).

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