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The wikipedia:DahomeyDahomey (or Fon) are a nation located in Benin, Africa. The mythology of the Dahomey includes an entire pantheon of thunder gods; for example,

  • Xevioso (also Xewioso) is the god of thunder in the So region.
  • The head of the thunder pantheon is named Sogbo, which is also used to describe devotees of the thunder gods.

It is also in Dahomey where the Mami Wata religious tradition is widely established.

Mawu and Lisa deities

Lisa (male) and Mawu (female), married twin siblings of Nana Buluku, are the creator deities, occasionally combined as Mawu-Lisa, an androgynous deity. Lisa (or Mawu-Lisa) is the father of Dan.

Mawu-Lisa (or either separately), created the world and made it orderly, then made plants, animals and humans. The entire process supposedly took four day's time.

  • The first day, Mawu-Lisa created the universe and humanity.
  • The second day the earth was made suitable for human life.
  • On the third day, humans were given intellect, language and the senses.
  • Finally, on the fourth day, mankind received the gift of technology.

Offspring-deities of Mawu and Lisa

The other gods were formed from the divine feces of Lisa-Mawu (or both separately).

  • Gbadu is a daughter of the pair, and
  • Da and Gu are sons.
  • Dan is a snake who assisted in the creation of the universe and currently supports it, with 3500 coils of himself above, and 3500 below, the universe.

When the myths were transferred to the Haiti, by the African diaspora, Dan became Damballah. Lots of Dahomean and other Western African culture art have a vertical snake motif; this is thought to represent the power of "God" (Mawu-Lisa or some other) being transferred to humanity.

Other gods

  • Agé - patron god of hunters, and the wilderness (plus the animals within it)
  • Avrikiti - god of fishermen
  • Ayaba and Loko - sister goddesses
  • Gleti - moon goddess
  • Gu - son of Mawu and Lisa, Gu is the god of war and patron deity of smiths and craftsmen. He was sent to earth to make it a nice place for people to live, and he has not yet finished this task
  • Okanu - god of dreams
  • Sakpata - god of smallpox
  • Zinsu and Zinsi - semi-divine twin magicians
  • Fa or Ifa - god of wisdom and knowledge
  • Nana - goddess of fertility and creativity
  • Egberun - deities of prosperity and protection, also for seers and clairvoyance

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