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Music and Christianity
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Since Christians have met together, they have sung to God and about God. Early Jewish Christians probably sung psalms. In later centuries, monophonic Gregorian chants were widely sung. During and following the Protestant Reformation, hundreds of hymns were written by men like Martin Luther and Charles Wesley. In recent decades, Contemporary Christian Music, Christian music in rock style, has become increasing popular. Please help us create a database of information about, reviews on and lyrics to Christian songs and hymns.

Music in the Bible

Early Church music

Gregorian chants

Christmas carols


Traditional Christian hymns became widely popular from the sixteenth century onwards and many are closely tied to Protestantism. Martin Luther was a prolific hymn writer, with hymns such as A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Hymns continued to be popular throughout the following centuries, although in recent decades their popularity has been falling in the west, with more modern songs becoming more commonly sung.

Gospel music

Contemporary Christian Music

Contemporary Christian Music (or CCM) is a term originally used in the 1970s to describe a new form of pop and rock music that was lyrically based in the Christianity. The music had its roots in Jesus Music which sprung from the hippie Jesus Movement of the early 70s. An entire Christian music industry soon sprang up, with Christian-only artists, record labels, radio stations, and record stores. By the 1980s, CCM was a large music industry with artists such as Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith selling millions of records.

Christian Hard Rock/Metal Music

Christian Alternative Rock

Christian Hip Hop/Rap Music

Christian Country Music

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