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Bente Kahan (born 1958, in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian solo vocalist best known for her renditions and productions of Yiddish folk music and plays.

Kahan received her formal education in performing arts at Tel Aviv University and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Upon graduation, she worked on stages in Norway (including Nationaltheatret and Israel Habima.

Since then, she has written three monodramas in collaboration with Ellen Foyn Bruun titled Bessie - a Bluesical (1986), Letter Without a Stamp (1988) and Voices from Theresienstadt (1995). She performed in all these three, taking them on tour.

She founded Teater Dybbuk - Oslo, which produces concerts, monodramas, and CDs related to Jewish culture and arts. She produced and performed with Gjertrud's Gipsy Orchestra a concert called Yiddishkajt, which was also broadcast by Polish National TV.

She also conducts a workshop called Jiddische Lieder (Yiddish songs).

She is the artistic director of the Jewish Cultural and Educational Center of the White Stork Synagogue in Wrocław, Poland.

She is married to Polish activist Aleksander Gleichgewicht.


  • 1991: Yiddishkayt
  • 1992: Farewell Cracow
  • 1996: Stemmer fra Theresienstadt (Norwegian)
  • 1996: Stimmen aus Theresientstadt (German)
  • 1997: Voices from Theresienstadt (English)
  • 1998: Di Gojim (klezmer music)
  • 2000: Home
  • 2005: Sing with us in Yiddish

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