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Avraham Shabshi Hakohen Friedman (born March 22, 1959, 12 Adar II 5719 in the Jewish calendar) is a popular musical entertainer in the Orthodox Jewish community who was encouraged to enter the music career by his rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the late rebbe of Lubavitch. He is generally known and referred to by his stage name, Avraham Fried.[1][2]

Fried who participated in many choirs throughout his youth, hit off his career with the release of his first album "No Jew Will Be Left Behind" in 1981, featuring the hit "Kel Hahodaos", written by Kol Salonica[3] .

His music is mostly categorized as pop Jewish music,[4] similar to Mordechai ben David and tends to integrate many styles of popular music, including pop, rock and jazz, with Jewish lyrics and themes.

Fried has 6 children and lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn,.[5] He is a Lubavitcher Hasid. His brother is the Hasidic lecturer Rabbi Manis Friedman. His nephew is Jewish singer Benny Friedman.

In the summer of 2009, Fried made a concert tour in Israel where he introduced secular Israeli singer and composer Chanan Yovel and featured his hit Rak T'filla also introducing a new song U'Nesane Tokef. A DVD (first ever of an exclusive Fried concert) is scheduled to hit the stores in 2010.


  • No Jew Will Be Left Behind (1981)
  • The Time Is Now (1982)
  • Forever One (1983)
  • You're Never Alone (formerly Holyland's Greatest Hits [which includes other groups]) (1983)
  • Melaveh Malka with Avraham Fried (1984)
  • Goodbye Golus (1985)
  • Around the Year Volume 2 (1986)
  • We Are Ready (1988)
  • Around the Year Volume 3 (1989)
  • The Good Old Days (1990)
  • Aderaba (1991)
  • Yiddish Gems Volume 1 (1992)
  • Hebrew Gems Volume 1 (1992)
  • Shtar Hatna'im (1993)
  • Yiddish Gems Volume 2 (1994)
  • Hebrew Gems Volume 2 (1994)
  • Bracha V'Hatzlacha (1995)
  • Im Eshkachaich Yerushalayim (2 CD's) (1996)
  • Hupp Cossack (1996)
  • All the Best (1997)
  • Chazak (1997)
  • The Baal Shem Tov's Song (1998)
  • My Fellow Jew - Yochid V'rabim (2001)
  • Avraham Fried Live! (2001)
  • Avinu Malkeinu (2003)
  • Bein Kach U'vein Kach (2006)
  • Niggunim of Zeide Friedman (2008)
  • Yankel Yankel (2009)
  • 30 Hits One Collection (2009)

It has been reported[by whom?]that he will soon release his third Yiddish album of songs by composer Yom Tov Ehrlich.

Other Solos and Singles

  • Vehu Rachum & Yismichu Hashamayim (Solos) [part of Eli Lipsker Albums] as a child (1967?)
  • V'nikeisi Damam (Solo) [part of S'dei Chemed International vol. 1] (1971) (This is what is also heard on his album Good-Bye Golus).
  • V'hi Sheamdah (Solo) [part of Nichoach vol. 8] (1976)
  • Arukah M'eretz Midah and Gam Ki Eileich (Singles) [part of Amudai Shaish Wedding Album], his first debut promo for the Jewish music scene (1979 or 1980)
  • V'hu K'choson and Asher Bara/Chayim Shey'hei Lanu (Singles) [part of Suki with a Touch of Ding] (early 80s)
  • Al Kein Tzion (Single) [part of Yerushalayim All-star Cast] (1983)
  • Hishal'lu, Niggun, and Hashem's the World Hashem We Love (Singles) [part of Torah All-star Cast] (1985)
  • Pikudei Hashem and Ki L'cha Tov (Singles) [part of Simchah All-star Cast] (1986)
  • Kol Rina and Keili Atah (Singles) [part of Halel All-star Cast] (1987)
  • Prok Yas Anach and Racheim B'chasdecha (Solos) [part of MBD and Friends] (1987)
  • Aleh Katan - Little Leaf (Single)(2002)
  • Moriah (Single) [part of Mona 4] (2003)
  • Ani Choshev Aleichem (Single) (2005)
  • Galei (Single) [part of Afikoman (Oorah)] (2007)
  • Ma Oshiv (Single) [part of Harei Yehudah] (2008)
  • Ge'ulah Sheleimah (Single) [part of Kosher L'Pesach Bagels (Oorah)] (2008)
  • Hesech Hada'as (Solo) [part of The 8th Note] (2008)
  • Rak T'filla (Single) (2009)
  • Haazinu (Solo, Single) (2009)
  • U'Nesane Tokef (Single) (2009)
  • Miracles (single) (2010)


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