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The national flag of Australia,

The national anthem of Australia.

Australia is a large island continent with most of its 21 million people living in the temperate Eastern coastal region, and very few people living in the vast interior desert outback. It was originally settled thousands of years ago by ancestors of its Aboriginal peoples (who account for about 2% of the population) and later, from 1788 onwards by waves of British migrants. Following World War II, it has received waves of European (especially Italian and Greek) and South East Asian migrants making it a multicultural society.

Religion in Australia

According to the 2006 census, 64% of the population claim to be Christian, 26% are Roman Catholic and 19% Anglican. In truth however, many are nominal Christians, with probably the majority of the population essentially non-religious. The second largest religion is Buddhism followed by 21% of the population. Islam is the religion of 1.7& of Australians and Hinduism is followedd by 0.8% of Australia's people.

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