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Aurva is a fierce sage descending in order from Vishnu, Brahma, Bhrigu, Chyavana, Apnuvana. He was born during a bloody feud between the Kshatriyas and the descendants of Bhrigu. He was the grandson of Vatsa, after whom the Srivatsa gotra is named. His son was Ṛchika and Ṛchika's son was Jamadagni.[1][2]

Aurava/Aurva is the son of Rishi Apnuvana and grandson of Rishi Chyavana. He is also called as the grandson of Rishi Vatsa. Aurava's son is named as Ruchika. According to the Mahabharata there was a king named Kritavirya Who was very liberal to his priests, who belonged to the race of Bhrigu. As such they became very rich due to his generosity. But after the death of the king his descendants had fallen into poverty. They begged for help from the Bhrigus, who at that time were very rich. But the Bhrigus refused to help the kings saying that the wealth which is once given to a Brahman cannot be taken back. To protect their wealth they buried their gold in a secret place. Coming to know about this the Kshatriya kings invaded the Ashrams of the Bhrigus and killed all the Bhrigus, without sparing even children that were growing in the wombs of their mothers.. The Bhrigus also belonged to a warrior class once, but they could not stop the kings from slaughtering them. One woman concealed her just born son in her thighs to protect the baby from being slaughtered. The Kshatriyas who came to know about this rushed towards the lady to kill the baby. The baby fell down from her thighs with such a luster that all the persecutors were blinded instantly. Since the child was produced from the ‘Uru’(thigh) of a woman he was called ‘ Aurava’/Aurva.


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