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The logo of Ascensionism, purportedly designed by Valyri Sheffner Harris

Ascensionism is a religion which is mainly based on the believe of reincarnation. In a related Yahoo group ascensionists claim to be a new branch of Humanism[1], the 2006 draft Wikipedia article also describes it as being "Deeply rooted in the transhumanist movement"[2]. It is unclear when the movement started, but it dates to at least 2006, as indicated by the Wikipedia article.

The religion is often misunderstood as a cult, however it does not seem to exhibit any cult qualities, as it seems to be decentralized.

The religion is most notable for being mentioned in the 2013 game Kanye Quest 3030[3], which might have been created by ascensionists. The Game helped spread knowledge, but also misinformation, of the movement.


Ascensionists believe there are two spirits that make up a being, that being the physical spirit (the body) and ethereal spirit (the soul). Souls get reincarnated multiple times until they reach a point self judgement, if they decide they have been good, they will destroy themselves and become "primordial soulstuffs" from which new souls are to be formed.[4] Ascensionists also believe that everything bad that happens to you is deserved, as you have asked for it in a previous life, this interpretation makes ascensionists able to justify any harm done to any other individual as they are believed to deserve it.[5]

Ascensionists also think that it is important to always be optimistic and never exhibit self doubt.[6]

2021 claims

In a video released on the 3rd July 2021 by the youtube channel The Game Theorists the host interviews a person with the name Valyri Sheffner Harris who claims to have made up Ascensionism as an alias for a musical project inspired by cults. In the interview she explains that she has no connection with the game Kanye Quest 3030 or it's creator, the show's host puts it as if the game designer was inspired by Valyri's art and implemented Ascensionism into their game to start an ARG.[7]

None of this explains the Wikipedia article, Yahoo group, or other posts from around the internet however, Valyri does not address them and they predate her work. It is thus reasonable to conclude that Ascensionism existed before Valyri's art project and that, if related to the game or not, it seems to still be an actual religious movement as evident by the internet activity of followers.[1][2][5][6] Even if the religion turns out to have just been created for an ARG or art project, it is definitely more nuanced then the video and interview makes it out to be.

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