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The national flag of Armenia.

The national anthem of Armenia.

Armenia is a small country in the Caucaus region bordered by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran.

Religion in Armenia

Armenia was the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as its official state religion, in the year 301 CE.

Although it was part of the communist USSR which encouraged state atheism for decades, Armenia remains a Christian-majority country. The majority of its 3 million people, 93% belong to its national church, the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Armenian Apostolic Church is a conservative Orthodox Church, comparable to the Syriac Orthodox Church and the Coptic Orthodox Church.

A smaller number of people belong to the Armenian Catholic Church and there are Roman Catholic and Protestant minorities.

The Yazidi Kurds who live in the west of Armenia follow their own religion, Yazidism, which blends Sufism with older religions. Other Kurds in Armenia follow Sunni Islam.

Armenia's Jewish community has decreased significantly since independence, most Armenian Jews having moved to Israel. There are currently two remaining synagogues in Armenia.

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