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Dioscorus, Antipope from 22 September 530 – 14 October 530. Pope Felix IV wished Boniface to succeed him, partially to avoid the riots that had occurred on his own accession. However, on Felix' death a majority of the electors voted for Dioscorus.[1] The matter was resolved when Dioscorus died three weeks later, and Felix' wishes were acceded to, with his chosen candidate becoming Boniface II. Boniface forced the clergy who had nominated Dioscorus to sign a retraction and condemn his memory: the document was subsequently destroyed on Agapetus I's orders.


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This article incorporates text from the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, a publication now in the public domain.

cs:Dioscuros gl:Dióscoro, antipapa hr:Dioskur, protupapa id:Anti-Paus Dioskorus la:Dioscorus (antipapa) hu:Dioszkurosz (ellenpápa) pt:Antipapa Dióscoro ru:Диоскор (антипапа) fi:Dioscorus sv:Dioskurus uk:Діоскур (антипапа)