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Antipope Callixtus III or Callistus III (died before October 19, 1183[1]) was Antipope from September 1168 to 29 August 1178.

His real name was Giovanni, Abbot of Struma. He was a strong and early supporter of Frederick Barbarossa, and also supported Antipope Victor IV, who made him a cardinal-bishop of Albano.

He was named successor to Antipope Paschal III by a small number of schismatic cardinals. Callixtus was primarily a bargaining chip of Frederick to pressure Alexander III, and he had only limited geographical support. He resided in Viterbo.

Frederick, when it became politically expedient, after the defeat of Legnano, switched his backing to Alexander, in the 1177 Peace of Venice, abjuring his position on 29 August 1178. Callixtus eventually accepted the situation, submitting to Alexander in August 1178. After this he was named rector of Benevento, where he died a few years later.

There is also a pope with this name, Pope Callixtus III.


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