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Amminadab ("my people are generous") was the name of two kings of Ammon:

  1. Amminadab I ruled c. 650 BCE, mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions from the reign of Assurbanipal. He was one of the rebellious client kings punished by Assurbanipal during the latter's Arabian campaign.
  2. Amminadab ben Hissalel or Amminadab II reigned around 600 BCE. He was the son of King Hissalel of Ammon.
  • Both kings are mentioned on an inscription on a bottle unearthed at Tel Siran in Jordan, which inscription reads: mndb mlk bn'mn / bn hsl'l mlk bn'mn / bn'mndb mlk bn'mn "Amminadab (II) son of Hassal'il son of Amminadab (I)."[1]