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The Alexandrian Rite is officially called the Liturgy of Saint Mark, traditionally regarded as the first bishop of Alexandria. The Alexandrian Rite contains elements from the liturgy of Saint Basil, Saint Cyril the Great, and Saint Gregory Nazianzus. The Liturgy of Saint Cyril the Great is a modification of the first Alexandrian Liturgy composed by Saint Mark.

The Alexandrian Rite is divided into two rites: the Coptic Rite and the Ge'ez Rite. Primarily located in Egypt, The Coptic Rite uses the Coptic in its liturgy at both Coptic Orthodox Church and Coptic Catholic Church. The Ge'ez Rite is found in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Jerusalem, and Somalia. It is used at both the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Eritrean Orthodox Church, and the Ethiopian Catholic Church in their liturgies.