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Al-Yasa‘ (Arabic: اليَسَع‎), (circa 9 BC - death unknown)[1][2] is an Islamic prophet mentioned in the Qur'an. In the Bible he is known as Elisha (or sometimes as Eliseus), and is regarded by both Jews and Christians as a prophet.

The Story of Al-Yasa

Al-Yasa‘ was the son of Safet and the successor to Ilyas. Ilyas, directed by God, appointed him before vanishing into the protection of God. Al-Yasa‘ was thus the next prophet to the Palestinians.

He inherited from Ilyas the obstinate king and queen of Palestine who would not listen to any reason. Al-Yasa‘ did many miraculous deeds to show them the powers of God, but they called him a magician like they had called Ilyas before him. They continued their defiance throughout his life.

After a period of time the Palestinians were conquered by the Assyrians. The Assyrians destroyed the Temple Mount and inflicted great damage on Israel.

The Tomb of the Prophet Al-Yasa'

The tomb of the Prophet Elisha is located in the village of Al-Awjam. [dubious] This village is lead by the Qatif province, which lies in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Thirty years ago, people were coming to visit the tomb of the prophet, but the mosque that was built on the tomb was removed by the Saudi authorities because it was contrary to the jurisprudence of Wahhabism, the official religious law of Saudi Arabia. [citation needed] So, people had stopped visiting the tomb because of the fear of the Saudi authorities. Al-Awjam residents say that the tomb is still present and there is no objection from any visit. However, the cemetery where the grave is located is surrounded by shi'ah or Shia Islam Muslims who believe that taking care of the prophets' tombs and saints tombs' is one of the necessities doctrine. Shi'ah or Shia Islam is followed by the people of Qatif.


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