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Aergia (Ἀεργία, "Inactivity") is a goddess in Greek mythology, a personification of sloth and laziness. She is the daughter of Aether and Gaia. She is said to guard the court of Hypnos in the Underworld. Aergia is simply the transliteration of Latin Socordia or Ignavia. She was transliterated to Greek because Hyginus mentioned her based on a Greek source, and thus can be considered as both a Greek and Roman goddess. Her opposite character is Horme, a goddess of effort.[1]


  1. Aergia on Theoi Project: Aergia - AERGIA was the female spirit (daimon) of idleness, laziness, indolence and sloth. Her opposite number was probably Hormes (Effort). N.B. Aergia is the presumed Greek form of the Latin Socordia mentioned by Hyginus. Although his list of abstractions derives from a Greek source, the names have mostly been translated into Latin.
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