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Major events of 2004:

  • LCMS resolution 3-08A permits women to "serve in humanly established offices" such as congregation president, elder, reader, or usher.
  • At the United Methodist General Conference, a memo from a private meeting was circulated publicly suggesting an "Amicable" Separation, allowing those who disapprove of Church policy to leave the denomination without losing their Church properties.
  • Pope John Paul II extends a formal apology for the sacking of Constantinople in 1204; the apology was formally accepted by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.
  • Pope John Paul II receives an extraordinary Charlemagne Award of the city of Aachen, Germany.
  • February 25: Release of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
  • August: Pope John Paul II returns the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God to the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • November 27: Pope John Paul II returns the bones (relics) of Patriarchs John Chrysostom and Gregory Nazianzen to Istanbul, in an attempt to "promote Christian unity" with Eastern Orthodoxy.
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