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The 12th century consists of the years 1101-1200 AD.


  • 1123. First Lateran Council, establishes the relative rights of the Catholic Church and those of the Holy Roman Emperors regarding the investature of bishops.
  • 1149. Second Lateran Council. Affirms First Latern Council; declares Clerical marriages to be invalid; regulates clerical dress regulated. Attacks on clerics are to be punished by excommunication.
  • 1147-1149. Pope Eugene III launches the Second Crusade
  • 1179. Third Lateran Council. Limits papal electees to the cardinals alone, condens simony, and forbids the promotion of anyone to the episcopate before the age of thirty.
  • 1189-1192. Pope Gregory VIII calls the Third Crusade to reconquer the Holy Land from the Muslim leader Saladin.

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